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Common  Questions

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible. Community Giving Bridge is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization approved by the IRS, which means that your contributions are eligible for tax deductions in accordance with U.S. tax laws. When you make a donation, we will provide you with a receipt or acknowledgment for your records, which you can use when filing your taxes to claim the deduction. This way, not only are you making a positive impact on our community, but you are also receiving a financial benefit through reduced taxable income. It’s a win-win for both you and the causes we support.

Can I donate used items?

Yes, we do accept donations of gently used items, provided they are in good condition and meet the specific needs of the local charity groups we support. We appreciate your willingness to contribute in this way, as it helps us maximize resources and support even more individuals and families in our community.

How can my company volunteer time or skills?

Your company can get involved in our volunteer initiatives by reaching out to our volunteer coordinator. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, both on-site and remotely, which can align with your company’s expertise and interests. Whether it’s employee volunteer days, skill-based volunteering, or project partnerships, we’ll work closely with your company to create a tailored volunteering plan that maximizes your team’s impact within our community.

What specific items or resources are currently needed?

For a current list of items needed, please reach out to us HERE.

Can I choose where my donation goes?

Yes, you can absolutely choose where your donation goes. At Community Giving Bridge, we believe in empowering donors to direct their contributions to the specific causes or nonprofits that matter most to them. Whether you have a preference for a particular charity within our network or wish to support a specific community need, we’re here to ensure your donation goes exactly where you intend it to, making your philanthropic impact even more meaningful.

Will I receive a receipt for in-kind donations for tax purposes?

Absolutely. We want to ensure that your in-kind donations are recognized for tax purposes. When you make an in-kind donation, we will provide you with a receipt or acknowledgment that specifies the details of your contribution. This receipt can be used for tax deductions in accordance with U.S. tax laws, allowing you to receive the financial benefit you deserve for your generosity and support of our mission.