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Our goal is to bridge the gap between businesses and local community-based non-profits to help meet the needs of our community.

Make a Local Impact in Your Community

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3 Ways to Get Involved

3 Ways to Get Involved

Financial Impact

Your financial support makes a significant difference. By making a donation, you directly contribute to the success of our mission, helping us connect businesses with local nonprofits and provide essential resources where they’re needed most. Join us in creating positive change within our communities through your generous contributions.

Make a Monetary Donation

Volunteer Support

Your time and skills are valuable assets that can drive meaningful change. Consider donating your expertise to work on a project with us. Whether it’s sharing your professional skills or volunteering your time, your involvement can be a catalyst for transformative impact within our local community.

Donate Time or Skills

Donate In-Kind

Sometimes, the most impactful gifts are tangible. Donate specific items or in-kind resources needed by local charity groups to support their critical work. Your contribution, whether it’s a refrigerator, supplies, or other essentials, directly aids local nonprofits in their mission to help those in need. Your tangible support can be the key to unlocking brighter futures for individuals and families in our community.

Make An In-Kind Donation

Our Mission

Our mission at Community Giving Bridge is to bridge the gap between businesses and small, local, community-based nonprofits. We are dedicated to ensuring that these often-overlooked nonprofits, particularly those addressing pressing needs in areas like fostering, adoption, and supporting women dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, receive the support and recognition they deserve. By connecting businesses with these deserving organizations, we aim to channel resources where they are needed most, fostering a sense of social responsibility within the corporate world, and ultimately, creating stronger and more vibrant communities. Through transparent and targeted giving, our mission is to amplify the impact of these vital nonprofits, making a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of those they serve.

A Local Impact

Supporting local charitable organizations can have a significant impact on your community. Charitable donations can provide important assistance, such as the needs of children in fostering and adoption, support for those who are i drug, alcohol, and abuse rehabilitation, and widows that need support. Here are some of our current charity partners.

Does your organization or charity have a need we can help fulfill?

Our “Why”

Community Giving Bridge was founded with a clear and compelling “Why” — to address the disparity between businesses and small, local, community-based nonprofits. Recognizing that many businesses tend to direct their donations towards larger, more well-known organizations, we saw the urgent need to shed light on the invaluable work being done by smaller nonprofits that often operate in the shadows, focusing on critical areas such as fostering, adoption, and aiding women with drug and alcohol abuse issues. Our passion lies in connecting these overlooked heroes with the resources they require, ensuring that their vital efforts receive the support they truly deserve, and in doing so, creating a more equitable and impactful community.